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The Happy Walker is Jesse Christen. He loves your pet as much as you do. As a lifelong dog enthusiast, Jesse has been caring for dogs for his entire life. After getting fed up with the corporate grind, he decided to follow his life’s passions. And making sure that dogs are well cared for is at the top of his priority list.

“Many behavior problems can be corrected with regular exercise,” Jesse says. “Plus, a lot of health issues can be avoided, giving your pet a longer, happier life.”

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, poor muscle tone, heart problems, bone and joint problems and emotional problems including boredom barking, anxiety and destructive behavior. Regular exercise will not only improve your dog’s health, it will make your dog a happy pup and he/she will look better too.

Many of his clients have seen a noticeable difference in their pets after several short weeks of regular exercise. Plus, he provides excellent care to pets while their owners are on vacation. Exercise and plenty of love and attention are all part of the package. 

Does your pet need more exercise, or someone to get him/her out while you’re away at work? Give the Happy Dog Walker a call today — (605) 321-0053. References available on request.

The Happy Dog Walker is insured and is a member of Pet Sitter Associates, LLC.




Sioux Falls Dog Walking

The Happy Dog Walker is here to provide you the finest dog walking services available in Sioux Falls. I walk dog individually, unless requested otherwise by the owner. This gives each dog the attention he/she needs along with much needed exercise.

All dogs receive excellent exercise from my walks along with proper leash etiquette and kind, loving treatment. I love dogs, and it’s my pleasure to get your pet proper exercise. It’s perfect for those who have a busy schedule and are unable to get their pets’ out daily.

• Short Walk:

25 minute walk $20 dollars
• Extended Walk:

45 minute walk $30

Sioux Falls
In-House Pet Sitting

If you’re planning a trip and can’t stand the thought of your pet being boarded in a kennel, I offer in-house pet sitting. Let your pet stay in the comfort of his/her own home. 


Exercise, food and water, and medications and, most importantly, companionship and attention, are all provided. Your dog will have fun and stay happy when you’re away from home.

• In-House Pet Sitting:

$60 per night


Play Time

Do you have a dog that loves to play catch or other fun dog games? Or, does your dog love to go to the dog park? I’ll get your pet the fun he/she needs. Same rates as dog walking apply.

• Short Playtime:

25 minutes for $20
• Long Playtime:

45 minutes for $30

Other Services

Does your dog need a ride to and/or from the vet? Do need errands done while away from home? I’m available for other pet-related services. Just give me a call at (605) 321-0053,

or e-mail at for a quote.

Out-of-Town Service

I’ll provide any of the above services to Sioux Falls satellite communities such as Harrisburg, Tea, Baltic, Crooks, Dell Rapids, etc., for an additional fee.


Feel free to give me a call at (605) 321-0053, or e-mail at for a quote.

The Happy Dog Walker is insured and is a member of Pet Sitter Associates, LLC. References available on request.

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